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This is the resurrected without-systemd wiki, which was once hosted at without-systemd<dot>org. The pages were fetched from Wayback Machine and converted to dokuwiki syntax.

Why this wiki?

Systemd is a framework or a set of several programs aiming to replace traditional Unix/Linux tools for typical tasks on a computer.

The first aim of systemd was to replace Init, but it is not limited to that. Systemd also strives for replacing Ntpd, syslog, cron and many other programs. The single components are so highly integrated with each other, that it's hard to impossible to use the programs independently.

Additionally systemd became very big - it reached 1.3 millions lines of code in 2020 - and thus adds a great deal of complexity, and complexity is the enemy of security.

Further, systemd highly depends on functions of the Linux kernel and because of that it is not portable to other Unix-like system, such as variants of BSD and Solaris

In the interest of init diversity and keeping the free Unix-like operating systems compatible among each other, this wiki aims to document how to run a modern Unix-Like operating system in general and GNU/Linux in particular without systemd.


License notice and remarks.

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