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abandoned/defunct/discontinued/dormant/halted projects

Source code is available for download to anyone interested (in reviving them). Some of the projects listed below still compile/work while others may need some tweaking to make them work (again).

Program Description Latest release
anopa service management suite built around s6; can be us/02ed as init via exec chaining 2017-06-20
cinit (2, 3) dependency based parallel init without subprocess output logging ala minit/daemontools 2009-09-29
daemond daemon control and init daemon written in C++ (akin to dinit) 2003-11-14
daemontools collection of tools for managing UNIX services 2001-07-12
depinit supports parallel execution, dependencies, true roll-back, log pipelines, improved signaling, and unmounting of filesystems on shutdown 2003-10-06
einit (2, 3, 4)modular, parallel, asynchronous, dependency based init system; XML (service) config files 2007-12-18
epoch sequential, non-parallel init without dependency tracking designed for minimal footprint and unified configuration 2015-06-23
ettcl custom Tcl-7.6 based interpreter to run the ETLinux init, crond, httpd, and telnetd daemons written in Tcl 2002-??-??
freedt an independent daemontools reimplementation 2014-09-03
god (2) an easily configurable, extensible, monitoring framework written in Ruby 2014-03-06
initng (2) modular, extensible, parallel, asynchronous, dependency based init 2007-03-25
jinit C++ init daemon supporting dependency tracking akin to the “need” concept 2003-04-22
minit small dependency ordered, parallel init with proper subprocess supervision and logging 2005-??-??
Mudur + Comar Python rc script (Mudur) and configuration/network/service manager with dbus integration (Comar) used in Pardus Linux 2011-10-24
myinit parallel init with dependency tracking via reference counting (akin to the “need” concept) lacking proper supervision (respawn only, no output logging) 2011-07-11
ninit dependency based parallel init with supervision, logging, and time-based scheduling akin to crond (HOWTO) 2010-01-16
perp persistent process (service) supervisor and managment framework for UNIX 2013-01-11
pinit (sf) XML configuration, dependency based fast parallel boot, modular design; uses Glib 2.0 and LibXML 2 2003-05-01
restartd a process-restarting daemon (aka Debian restartd) 2013-01-11
serel (sf) parallel service launcher with synchronisation and integrity-checking (primarily to speed up SysV init boots, akin to startpar) 2002-08-06
simpleinit(-msb) dependency based (implements the “need” concept) sequential init without proper supervision (respawn only, no output logging); shipped with util-linux until v2.20; the msb fork is still used in Source Mage Linux2007-11-08
System XVI modular, self-healing, and interface-oriented service manager and init system 2016-05-18
twsinit tiny init largely written in x86 assembler 2003-09-19
upstart “event based” init that reacts eagerly to incoming “events” to emulate dependency tracking; leaks memory 2014-09-04
uselessd (2) forked from systemd v208 2015-01-06
vdev (github) portable UNIX userspace device-file manager 2016-08-08
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